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Inside Out Therapy + Consulting was based on breaking out and free from the constructs we’re placed in. We break free from our situations, trauma, the court-mandates, the Community Mental Health system, and say, “Hello!” to a refreshing perspective on how to be supported in mental health. At Inside Out, we believe in designing and directing our own destiny while having the necessary support along the way. Trauma cannot not hold you back – only you can, so be prepared to join a journey for you to be your best self! Healing happens here!

“The world is like an invisible grand staircase – you just have to trust and believe the first step is there and worth taking.” – Christina Behrens

Meet Anna

Anna completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Spanish at Carroll College in Waukesha, Wisconsin. She continued her education and completed her Master of Arts in Professional Counseling through Argosy University in Chicago, Illinois. Anna obtained her Certified Alcohol and Drug Counseling license in 2006 and became a Licensed Professional Counselor in 2008.


Anna has a variety of behavioral health work experience, including individual and group therapy. Her specialties include working with adults struggling with addiction, perinatal mental health, and the LGBTQ+ community. While at Catholic Charities of Chicago, Anna was instrumental in the program development of the behavioral health and substance abuse programming, as well as the creation of the counseling internship program with an emphasis on the HIV+ community.


During her time in Arizona, Anna has been involved with program development of several specialty counseling teams including LGBTQ+, Advanced Trauma, School Based, High-Risk Teen, and Addiction and Recovery programming. The partnerships she created throughout Arizona helped to close gaps in care for underserved populations across the valley.


Anna was born and raised in Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin and moved to Arizona in 2018. Anna loves spending time with her husband, two children, and rescue dog Zuma. In her free time, she enjoys yoga, hiking, photography and fostering dogs through local area dog rescues.

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