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Arianna Saenz-Ochoa



Arianna completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Elementary and Special Education at Arizona State University. Due to her passion to service others, she continued her education by completing her Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Grand Canyon University. Arianna has experience in the outpatient mental health field servicing a variety of populations in individual, group, and educational formats. She has worked with clients of various backgrounds and socioeconomic levels addressing mental health including those within the criminal legal system, state and federal government agencies, and victims of crime. 

Arianna’s goal is to address not only the symptoms of her client’s issues but the root of their pain by reprocessing past memories primarily through EMDR and an integration of various therapeutic approaches. She believes that everyone has found ways to cope with and withstand their painful experiences. But some of those methods hurt us more than they help us in the end. Often, the very thing that has sheltered us through the pain could in time make it harder for us to have healthy relationships, positive experiences, and an empowered sense of self. 

Being born and raised in Arizona, Arianna’s favorite way to handle the heat is with her iced coffee in hand. On her way to work, you’ll find her shuffling through her eclectic Spotify playlist that is equal parts Taylor Swift, The Killers, and Garth Brooks. On the weekend, she will decompress by rewatching her comfort TV shows, engaging in intuitive movement, and creating memories with her loved one’s over her family’s traditional Mexican dishes.

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